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Welcome to the Vedic Moon Sign (Nakshatra) Tarot web site
These are just thumbnails for the 27 cards available, They can be Purchased as a digital download for 3 or 2GBPounds or $4.50. They come with descriptions to be used for Tarot Card reading, description for time of birth and description of what the images inside the cards mean.
Download the first six explanations here. Click here to pay by Paypal

The first six thumbnails link to the full size pictures.

aswini bharani krittika rohini mrigashirsha ardra
punarvasu pushya ashlesha magha purvaphalguni utturaphalguni
hasta chitra swati vishakha anuradha jyeshtha
mula purvaashadha utturaashadha shravana dhanishtha shatabhisha
pbhadrapada ubhadrapada revati Ordring a full set of cards
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Illustrative interpretations by Maria Ban
Concept, computer & written work by Maurice Herman morris108 (at) gmail (dot) com
Download the first six explanations here

This web site last updated July 1 08